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woom 2
Red - Ready to Ship on Same or Next Business Day
Red - Ready to Ship on Same or Next Business Day
woom 2
Red - Ready to Ship on Same or Next Business Day
Red - Ready to Ship on Same or Next Business Day
Red - Ready to Ship on Same or Next Business Day
Red - Ready to Ship on Same or Next Business Day
woom 2
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自行車  14" • 5,3 kg
孩童  3- 4.5 years • 95 - 110 cm
NT$ 12,900.00



  • 高品質又超輕量車身與零件:只有5.15公斤
  • 專為小小騎士設計的人體工學規格
  • 特殊「小手煞車拉桿」設計,幫助孩童從小小年紀就能開始學習操控煞車
  • 操控限制器保持前輪呈一直線,預防過度轉彎失去平衡
  • 高品質V夾煞車系統,輕鬆簡單就能煞車
  • 可辨識煞車手把,綠色後輪煞車手把能讓小朋友輕鬆辨識後輪煞車,增加安全
    Size: 14"
    Weight: 5,3 kg
    Age: 3 - 4.5 years
    Height: 95 - 110 cm
    Available variants:

    A magical moment in childhood:
    Watch me, I ride a bike!

    Marcus Ihlenfeld
    Founder of woom


    • A Wheel / Tire size 14"
    • B Cockpit / Grip height 635 mm (25")
    • C Steering angle 67°
    • D Horizontal toptube length 350 mm (13.78")
    • E Wheelbase 635 mm (25")
    • F Seattube angle 69°
    • G Minimum Seat Height 410 mm (16.14")
    • H Maximum Seat Height 490 mm (19.29")
    • I Crank length 80 mm (3.15")
    • J Adjustable Handlebar +/- 10°


    • Frame Material: Light and high quality A-6061 Aluminum
    • Beginner geometry with 14" wheel size and good natured riding characteristics: Extremely low step in height, very low minimum seating position, long wheelbase, very forgiving geometry and steering delimiter to avoid over-steering; Set up provides maximum stability, excellent balance and safe straight line riding resulting in increased satisfaction
    • Continuous seat post design allows for maximum saddle height adjustment
    • light unicrown fork made out of aluminum
    • 1" shaft
    • designed for ease of steering
    • semi-integrated 1" headset = sealed ahead set made out of steel and aluminum
    • integrated ahead clamp
    Steering limiter
    • There is a small rubber ring connecting fork and frame
    • The rubber ring stabilizes the steering and supports riding in a straight line. This prevent unnecessary accidents when learning to ride.
    • Forged Aluminum 40 mm, +/- 10°
    • no protruding screws in this fully integrated and proprietary clamp design. We call it the knee-friendly design
    • the handlebar is connected with two 5 mm bolts
    • wide, ergonomic, and light aluminum handlebar for more control
    • BMX style with high rise for maximum adjustability
    • sand blasted and black anodized
    • designed for small hands with a 19 mm diameter
    • reduced diameter for extra small hands
    • free of softeners and pollutants
    • grippy diamond structure
    • handle bar ends contain rubber plugs for additional cushioning and safety
    • Light forged aluminum cranks with 80 mm length and low Q-Factor
      (low width between both legs)
    • Beginner ratio: 25T front and 16 rear
    • plastic pedals
    • molded cartridge chamber
    • Includes coaster (foot) brake to meet government standard CPSC.
    • See accessories for Freewheeling kit to remove the coaster brake optionally and operate front and rear hand brake only
    • Two independent hand brakes plus a coaster (foot brake)
    • Mini V-Brake with levers suitable for small hands - small hand reach brake lever with reach adjustability and ergonomic fit for very small hands
    • soft green brake pads in the rear for excellent braking power with little brake usage
    • hard (black) front brake pads for safe and regulated braking
    • Rear brake lever is green with the same color rear brake pad for ease of differentiation of front vs. rear brake
    • high quality Jagwire bowden cable for low friction and ease of operation
    • Super light Soopa-Doopa-Hoops Aluminum rims
    • small Aluminum hubs for extended leg room at the rear wheel
    • sealed bearing hubs - wheel can be installed and removed with 5mm allen wrench
    • 16 Niro spokes 1.8 straight spokes
    • Kenda Small Block 14 x 1,5" light weight low profile balloon tires offer great damping, rolling performance and a lot of grip
    • Schrader valves (car valves) to inflate easily
    • Age specific and ergonomically designed and molded
    • Free of pollutant and toxins
    • side safeguard to lean against wall
    Seat Post
    • Anodized aluminum seat post
    • integrated maximum insertion indicator
    Seat Post Clamp
    • Aluminum quick release seat clamp with long lever for ease of use and operation
    • clamp is safely secured against unnecessary movements
    Enclosed Tools
    1x Allen wrench for wheel hubs + 1x long Allen wrench for headset, 15 wrench for pedals
    5,3 kg
    woom red, woom green, sky blue, purple haze, sunny yellow
    Shipping Dimensions
    96,5 cm x 20,3 cm x 53,3 cm
    Bike Information
    Max. weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)

    Unboxing your woom 2:
    5 minutes and ready to go!


    assembly instructions for woom 2 pdf, 3 MB


    upCYCLING –
    woom bikes grow with you

    孩子們成長的很快, 但我們仍然希望的孩子有一個正確大小的自行車, 我們免除了繁瑣複雜的手續,提供方便快速的方案為小騎士的自行車升級。因此, 我們想出了 upCYCLING 系統。



    • 你已經擁有一台woombike(附原始收據),您想升級一輛自行車。

    • 回收車輛車齡不超過24個月

    • 已購買Upcycle會員資格

    • 直接從我們的網站購買下一階段自行車

    您在購買下一款woom自行車的時候,我們依您自行車原售價4折購回您的自行車(回收車輛車齡不超過24個月,附原始收據 ),作為升級新車款的補助金。

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