Why don’t we offer training wheels as an accessory at us.woombikes.com?

Our philosophy is simple: Children do not need training wheels especially if they started on the balance bike. Balancing is the most fundamental and important skill: Most adults take the ability to balance for granted but for young children it is a skill best taught using a balance bike. We see children start on the balance bike around the age of 18 months to 2 years. They acquire the skill of balancing (and braking with our WOOM1) early on and transition to a pedal bike between three to four years. After acquiring the skill of balancing, you will only have to teach pedaling.

Teaching the skill of “pedaling” is an important aspect at this stage. One recommendation is for the adult coach to spin the pedal forward with one hand while either guiding the bike at the handlebar or seat. Moving the cranks forward allows the child to more easily understand the required motion in their feet and legs.

Two children getting the hang of the weight of their bikes and balancing before they ride off using their pedal bikes.  Photo-credit Sandy A La Mode.

We have a tremendous amount of experience with 3 and 4 year old children riding our WOOM2 14” Bike without training wheels. We believe using training wheels is counter-productive and the step in the wrong direction. Using training wheels is a thing of the past and let’s make it easier and more fun for our children to experience riding and being outside.

Many times customers ask us: But what do we do if my child did not ride a balance bike? Here are some fun and interesting blogs that talk about this specific question. Parents just like you and me have written about their experiences and we’d love to share them with you:




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